Circling the Sun

circlingthesun_lrgCircling the Sun by McLain, Paula (author of The Paris Wife about Hadley Hemingway), Ballantine Books, 2015.

Circling the Sun is historical fiction the way you want it to be; sweeping you to another time.  Beryl Markham is a willful free spirit who abandoned by her mother is brought up by her horseman father and the tribal community that sustain their idyllic Kenyan horse farm.  McLean (author) pulls you down the rabbit hole saturating the read with the exotic flavor of Africa and the extraordinary essence of Beryl.  Beryl pushed against convention; bed-hopping among the imperial English expats, becoming the first female horse trainer to race in Africa’s horse races, the first woman African bush pilot, and later, most notable of all, the first female aviator to cross the Atlantic solo from East to West.  If you liked Out of Africa, Isak Dinesen’s (AKA Karen Blixen) memoir — with whom Beryl struggled through friendship and love-triangles — you will enjoy this energetic ride.  A winning novel, entertaining, illuminating, captivating. Beryl Markham’s own memoir, West with the Night, is also available at the AFF Library.